Friday, August 15, 2014

Engagement Party and Surprise Luncheon

Lloyd and I had a great engagement party. Rebekah and Brittany came up with the super cute idea of having a s' mores bar!

I met a ton of Lloyd's family that live close by and got the chance to talk with them. We had a yummy cookout with everything from corn to chips, to burgers, and chicken to everything in between. It was a great day to just chill with everyone.

At one point, I had the opportunity to do my own proposing.

Once the family left, the "real" party began. All of our friends started dancing, the drinks were made, and the games began.

2 days later...

Brittany, Rebekah, and I had plans to go to lunch. Rebekah was not sure if she was going to be able to make it but Brittany said we should still go and invited Rachel as well. We went to the cutest little restaurant - Park Plaza Gardens. We got there and met up with Rebekah only to find my mom, my sister, my aunt and a family friend were all there!

I was shocked!

We had a great time talking and I got a delicious giant cobb salad. I felt like we were having a tea party! Isn't the restaurant so cute?

My mom then gave me a wedding planning book to document everything and keep me organized.

Now that the engagement has officially begun it is time to get down to business. Anyone have any wedding planning tips?


  1. LOVE the book - I want one when it is my special time. Where did she get it?!

    1. I believe she got it at Barnes and Noble. Also be sure to sign up for TheKnot (its free). It is amazing!

  2. I love you! You are doing a fantastic job with this blog! It's amazing that we make each other so happy.
    Thanks for not crying to much when I left today. It always is difficult to go away for so long. Yet we will see each other again before you know it. Also we'll be able to kick some butt in Diablo 3.
    I love and miss you so much already xoxo!! Muaah!!

    1. Awwwwww I love you too! Be safe out there :) I am so happy to be marrying my best friend! And yeah you were making fun of me for creating a blog :p

      Be ready for some serious wedding planning when you get back. I will be doing a lot of it while you are gone and it will hopefully keep my busy.

      I miss you so much already too! Love you XOXOXOXO