Thursday, December 20, 2018

Adventures in London Part 2

On the second half of the trip we ate more delicious food, more sightseeing, nightlife and we even saw some shows.

London Day #5

We had a jam packed day. First up was Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian and the cute little town. We were waiting in line with my mom and sister for the ferry but it never seemed to come when the schedule said. My sister stayed in line while my husband, mom and I went to get coffee at the store right next to the dock. My mom got hers and went back to get in line. We were paying and saw the ferry pull up. We ran over to get on the boat and they started pulling away without us. My mom tried to stop them but they wouldn't We ended up having to take the Tube and meet my mom and sister in Greenwich. It was quite the adventure and many trains and stops later, we made it.

That night we went out to dinner and I had a delicious steak. After we went to see Wicked. My husband had never been to a Broadway play and I might have ruined him for future plays, bringing him to one of the best ones first. I swear I even saw a tear roll down his cheek during Defying Gravity. I had seen Wicked in New York and to see it in London was just as amazing. 

London Day #6

We did our own thing while my mom and sister went to the Harry Potter studio tour. First, my husband and I went to the Science Museum. Science museums are very different in London. In the US, Science Museums have interactive activities to do. This one did not have anything interactive. It was more the history of science.

Next, we went to the Piccadilly Circus/ Soho area. We did our own bar crawl and checked out the local bars and pubs. We checked out China town because you have to see it in every city, right? We explored the Theatre district and all the shows playing. We did all this while walking around with a bag of Five Guys fries. (We ate them before I could get a picture!) For dinner we went to Sussex and got another London classic - meat pie.

London Day #7

In the morning, we went to Notting Hill and explored all the little carts and shops. There were lots of cute trinkets and goodies. For lunch we had delicious street falafels. There were so many flavors wrapped in the pita. Last, we went and saw the famous blue door from the movie, Notting Hill.

That night we checked out the nightlife. We tried to go to a club called Libertine and waited in line. When we got to the front, they weren't letting in guys. We found another club around the corner and a promoter added us to his list. When we got inside, we were ushered to a table with a giant cooler looking thing in the middle. They ended up filling it with ice and a big bottle of vodka. We had a few drinks and it tasted like water. My husband asked for one on the rocks to check and it was most definitely alcohol. On the way home, the train we needed to take on the Tube was under construction so we ended up taking the famous red double decker bus. (another to do on my bucket list)

London Day #8

On our last full day, we went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The show took up the entire day since it was in two parts. The special effects were amazing and having a theatre background, I was surprised at some of them. Many of the actors looked just like their counterparts. It is definitely a must see!

London Day #9

This was a sad day as we said goodbye to our gorgeous view and headed to the airport. We stopped for sausage rolls, a London specialty and my moms favorite. 

London was a great city and I hope to go back one day! What are your favorite things to do in London?

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Adventures in London Part 1

Have you ever been to London? I had the chance to go a little over two years and never did post. Better late than never I guess. While we were there, we did everything a tourist could do. We explored the museums, saw Big Ben, toured the Tower of London, ate everything, and sightseeing.

London Day #1

We had a flight out of San Francisco with a short layover before making the long trek across the Atlantic. We didn't get in till late. We met up with my mom and sister for dinner at a pub. We soon found out pubs are a huge thing in London. 

 We stayed at a family friends in their gorgeous condo. In the picture below (sorry it is a little blurry - we were tired), you can see the London Eye and surrounding area. 

London Day #2

The next day we woke up and did some sightseeing. We headed to the Tower of London and took a tour. We searched every room and every corner. I think the torture room was my favorite. I can't believe they were allowed to do half of those torture techniques back then.

Next, we took a bunch of pictures on the Tower Bridge.

We ate lunch at another pub and I had a delicious Shepherd's Pie. I made it a goal to try all the popular English dishes and this was the first of many. 

That night we went to see Big Ben, my all time favorite thing about London. I have always had a fascination with Big Ben and seeing it in person was a dream come true. 

London Day #3

Today was a major sightseeing day. Being a theatre geek, one of my must sees was the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. We took a tour and I loved every minute of it. They were working on the stage so we weren't able to go on it but I still stood in front and imagined what it would be like to perform there. We wanted to go see a show but everything was sold out at the times we could go.

After we went to Westminster Abbey, Parliament, saw Big Ben again and of course, had to take tourist pictures in the red telephone booth.

That night we went aboard the London Eye. It was beautiful to see the city lit up at night.

London Day #4

This was a day of museums. First stop was the British Museum. We loved the Aztec exhibit best!

Second stop was lunch at Honest Burger. They had some of the best burgers and even had great specials. We will definitely go back there if we get the chance to go back to London.

Last stop was the Natural History Museum. It is always interesting to see the difference in the natural histories of different countries. It seems like every natural history museum has dinosaurs. 

Have you been to any of these places? 

Check out Part 2 coming on Thursday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Travel Trailer Tour

Last March we bought a travel trailer and joined the world of Tiny Houses. Travel trailers are just like tiny homes and have been around forever. We were tired of throwing away money on rent and wanted to put it into something we could own - enter the trailer.

We searched and searched for the perfect one. The 2018 Grand Design 315RLTS was the winner. Check out our trailer here and some of their other trailers here.  We packed up all our stuff and moved in. Check it out!

The kitchen

Our remodeled office

Dining room table and comfy massage chairs across from our living room, complete with a fireplace

Close up of our dining room table that we will soon be remodeling into a nursery (Post coming soon)



Close up of bedroom closets

Front door

We have been loving our trailer and have already saved a ton of money. We can't wait for all our adventures including our upcoming renovation for our baby boy. 

Have you ever thought about joining the trailer/tiny home/fifth wheel lifestyle?