Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Travel Trailer Tour

Last March we bought a travel trailer and joined the world of Tiny Houses. Travel trailers are just like tiny homes and have been around forever. We were tired of throwing away money on rent and wanted to put it into something we could own - enter the trailer.

We searched and searched for the perfect one. The 2018 Grand Design 315RLTS was the winner. Check out our trailer here and some of their other trailers here.  We packed up all our stuff and moved in. Check it out!

The kitchen

Our remodeled office

Dining room table and comfy massage chairs across from our living room, complete with a fireplace

Close up of our dining room table that we will soon be remodeling into a nursery (Post coming soon)



Close up of bedroom closets

Front door

We have been loving our trailer and have already saved a ton of money. We can't wait for all our adventures including our upcoming renovation for our baby boy. 

Have you ever thought about joining the trailer/tiny home/fifth wheel lifestyle?