Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time for Easter Decor

Can you believe we are already in April and this year Easter is finally in the right month. I don't know why the past few years Easter has been in March. Anyway, back to decorations.., one of the things about being a Coastie wife, you have to move around a lot. Some might say this is annoying and a pain, which yes at times it is but it can also be fun when it comes to decorating for Holidays. This year I took the same decorations I used last year and decorated in a different way.

Easy decor with mason jars filled with styrofoam eggs on sticks and plastic eggs, a candle and grass in a glass bowl vase. Also, added some star lights from Target!

Little flowers touches with a Easter egg star light.

The bar always needs a little decor with some spring flowers.

Our island shelves look so bare without anything so little Easter scenes filled with grass, bunnies, flowers, and eggs.

The true reason for Easter - HE IS RISEN!!

A flower wreath with hidden eggs and a bunny head from the Dollar Store.

How are you decorating this Easter?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Year, New St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Wow, where did February go? With March comes a glimpse into Spring and slowly moving out of Winter. Being in a different house than last year, I decided to change up some St. Patrick's Day Decorations but still keep the basic idea.

I always like to include a little something on our bar and decided to go with some flowers in a vase of coins.

 Our lovely island shelves need some decor too! I went with the Pot O' Gold I made last year and can be found here. I also included some flowers, four leaf clover cardboard cutouts and coins from the Pot O' Gold.

I have to include the letters I made last year but switched up the arrangement this year by including some coins. How to make the letters can be found here

 My mother-in-law got me this awesome star where you can change out the background for each holiday. This one is full of St. Patrick's day sayings!

You always need something on the door to include and I used the door hanger I made last year. Take a look how to make this door hanger here.

Are you decorating for St. Patrick's Day?

Friday, February 3, 2017

Valentine's Decorations!

Looking for some fun loving Valentine's Day decorations?! Valentine's Day has never been my favorite Holiday and as my husband likes to call it a government made Holiday but I still like to decorate for the season. I also like to make it a little romantic with it being Valentines Day <3

With a few chalkboard hearts, lights, rose petals, light up star and cut out letters, you can decorate a shelf with some Valentine pizazz!

 I love to decorate a bar area and add in a few decorations so why not add some roses and another chalkboard heart. It fits perfect with our wedding book, I just might have to keep it year round!

 I made these letters last year and the instructions can be found here. I decided to add in some rose petals and chalkboard hearts to add to the theme. The metal rose - my talented husband welded himself!

 A nice centerpiece for my bookcase with cut out letters, rose petals and a sweet smelling candle.

Sometimes keeping the door hanger simple is better than having a huge wreath for every holiday. Instructions on how to make can be found here.

What does your house look like for Valentine's Day?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Body Wrap at Hotspot Wellness

It is the time of year to start fresh and try new things. According to Nielson, the top 2 New Year's Resolutions are "Stay fit and healthy" and "Lose Weight". One of the things about being a Coast Guard wife is sticking to the resolutions which can sometimes be hard having to move all the time. That stress doesn't help with keeping in shape and staying healthy. When we were in Astoria, Oregon I joined a great gym, called Hotspot Wellness, with some awesome instructors - Michelle and Liz. Both are licensed massage therapists as well as instructors in all forms of workouts.

Before I left there, I had the chance to experience a body wrap. They have 2 different wraps both at $90 but both equally amazing and worth the money. Check out the massage tab on the website for each wrap description and other services that are offered.

My body wrap was a mix of both and one of Liz's first test subjects :) She did awesome and had Michelle there teaching her along the way. I know by now she is a pro!

All of the products they use are from Mountain Rose, based in Eugene Oregon. Each wrap is based on the person and what therapy they are needing. The following steps are done to ensure proper detoxification and exfoliation.

Step 1: Dry brushing entire body (exfoliates the skins and opens the pores)
Step 2: Toner - Priming skins (products used - Calundula, green tea and essential oils mixed together)
Step 3: Clay is smoothed on to skin
Step 4: Body is wrapped with blankets to let clay soak in to skin
Step 5: Blankets are removed
Step 6: Body is wiped down with heated towels to remove all the clay
Step 7: Brush finishing oils on entire body  (Eucalyptus, geranium and grapefruit essential oils and coconut oil)

Be sure to check out Hotspot Wellness next time you are in Astoria, whether to get a massage/wrap or simply to get your workout on!