Monday, August 25, 2014

Save the date!!

After lots of back and forth with the Coast Guard, we finally set a date. We will be getting married on June 21st at the Grand Plaza Beachfront Resort in St. Pete, Fl. We found the venue of our dreams and we want to give our family and friends a sneak peak! Thankfully the Coast Guard approved it and we are able to finally get to planning. The ceremony will be right on beach and the reception is in the penthouse overlooking the beach.

Ceremony Site!

Reception View!

Bongo's Bar and Restaurant on the beach!

Now that we have the biggest item checked off, we can both relax and move onto more of the making the wedding fun and meaningful!

Time to find those flowers, DJ, videographer and photographer. Any suggestions?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Engagement Party and Surprise Luncheon

Lloyd and I had a great engagement party. Rebekah and Brittany came up with the super cute idea of having a s' mores bar!

I met a ton of Lloyd's family that live close by and got the chance to talk with them. We had a yummy cookout with everything from corn to chips, to burgers, and chicken to everything in between. It was a great day to just chill with everyone.

At one point, I had the opportunity to do my own proposing.

Once the family left, the "real" party began. All of our friends started dancing, the drinks were made, and the games began.

2 days later...

Brittany, Rebekah, and I had plans to go to lunch. Rebekah was not sure if she was going to be able to make it but Brittany said we should still go and invited Rachel as well. We went to the cutest little restaurant - Park Plaza Gardens. We got there and met up with Rebekah only to find my mom, my sister, my aunt and a family friend were all there!

I was shocked!

We had a great time talking and I got a delicious giant cobb salad. I felt like we were having a tea party! Isn't the restaurant so cute?

My mom then gave me a wedding planning book to document everything and keep me organized.

Now that the engagement has officially begun it is time to get down to business. Anyone have any wedding planning tips?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

He asked and I said yes!

About 3 weeks ago, my boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) proposed to me! I then got to thinking that I should create a blog. But what to talk about so why not talk about wedding planning, and recipes and travel and everything in between! 

So back to the proposal story! I had just gotten off work and was heading to the lake to meet up with my now fiancĂ© to go jet skiing. It was starting to thunder so I didn't think we would be out long. When I got there, I changed quickly and hopped on the jet ski. We took off riding and rode around a little island we always go to in the middle of the lake. He then asked me if I heard rattling and I said yes because the jet ski always rattles. He told me we should park it so he could double-check to make sure nothing is wrong. We pulled up on the beach, he opened the front and grabbed a rag. He looked in the front to see if anything came loose and then asked me to go to the back to get out a tool. I started to get suspicious because the back just had the jet ski machinery and not tools. But I went to back anyway and looked for a tool but didn't see any. He told me he found it and that he needed me to hold something. I closed the back and went to the front and there he was on his knee with the ring!

My face was complete shock. But inside I was freaking out with joy! I was so excited and in so much shock that I didn't even hear him ask me to marry him the first two times. Finally on the third time I did and I said yes. He then put the ring on my finger...

...and kissed me!

Next thing I knew Brittany and Rebekah came out from behind the bushes with a bottle of champagne cheering and congratulating us. I looked around and saw Michael behind a tree taking pictures.

I was so shocked and happy! We popped the champagne and celebrated our new engagement!