Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bachelorette Part 2 at ICEBAR

Since Victoria wasn't able to make it for the first weekend, we decided to have a special night out. We had been wanting to try ICEBAR in Orlando for a while so what better chance than a Bachelorette celebration. 

While the ICEBAR was much different than I expected, it was definitely somewhere fun and chill to hang out. I thought the ICE part would be a lot bigger, but instead it was a smaller room in the back while the Fire bar took up most of the space. 

Upon entering the ICEBAR, an employee helped you with some gloves and a jacket. As you enter, you are welcomed with a cold breeze and soon come to find everything in the ICEBAR is made of ice, including the chairs and cups.

When we needed a break and time to thaw, we went back out to the Fire bar where the music blasted and the dancing began. We even got some awesome drinks on fire!

The cost to get in is reasonable if you go online to and buy your tickets ahead of time or you can check Groupon for deals (what I did). Located right in the heart of Orlando on I-Drive, ICEBAR is perfect for any occasion and a definite must see!

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