Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bachelorette Weekend!

This post is long over due but there is no better time than the present. We headed down to Fort Myers for the weekend for a weekend of fun! Thanks to my sister and my bridesmaids, my bachelorette weekend was a success! Each girl planned a different aspect of the night. My sister planned a scavenger hunt the first day:

STARBUCKS! "The scavenger hunt begins now. All of your drinks are waiting but you can't get them until you earn them." We each had Harry Potter themed questions we had to answer in order to get our drinks.

Clue #1:
"Good job answering your questions!!! Now that we have our refreshments the real hunt begins! Now we all know that Katie has wonderful style and she would never make us wear something ugly at her wedding but there are some bridezillas who want her bridesmaids looking... well ugly! So know we are going to go hunting for those ugly bridesmaid dresses! Don't forget to remember your name from your cup. Head to the thrift store on... to pick up your ugly dresses. Don't say I didn't warn you!"

"Look for the dress that matches the name from your cup!"

Clue #2: 
"You all look FABULOUS!!! Now that we all look ready for a wedding lets jump to the sky and head to the zone!!! You know what that means? I bet you don't. Try to figure it out we do have Google you know! Don't forget to keep on that dress!!!"


"Great you arrived now do you know what I mean about jumping to the sky and heading to the zone? I know cheesy but get ready to jump because we have a half hour to jump in our lovely bridesmaid attire!!!"

Clue #3: 

"You are so close to the end just a little bit more! So now it's Katie's turn to see if she knows her sister!!! This past Valentine's Day I started something that I absolutely love!!! Now Katie what is it? Head there next to give Lloyd a shout out!!!"
"In honor of Lloyd, we are going to Chug A Mug!!!"

Clue #4: 
"Did the beer go down well? How about those wings, they smell good? Your next stop is your last, but it is by far the best! Head to the Beach where your sea chariot awaits!!!"

Dolphin/Sunset Tour
"Welcome to your final destination! I hope you had fun today, but now it is time to eat wings and relax on the beautiful blue ocean as the sun sets! Remember we are on the west coast now so you get the sunset in full view! Don't forget to watch for Dolphins this is after all a dolphin tour!!! Enjoy and don't get too full
      on wings and wine!!!"

The next day we headed to the beach for a day of drinks and fun in the sun!

My lovely bridesmaids and best friends! (Minus Victoria)

                                       Fort Myers beach was gorgeous and the drinks were delicious! We enjoyed the water and even played some cornhole!

Later we went back to the hotel to shower up for a night out! We went to get some dinner and then off to dance the night away. Things got a little crazy, but we had sometimes we won't forget!

A bachelorette is never complete without Penis candy and some pickle sharing!

Stay tuned for Bachelorette Part 2 with Victoria at ICEBAR.

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