Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rose Petals and Candles Table Centerpiece

I always love putting decorations on the table based on the time of year. It is simple but adds to the house and the holiday. 

For Valentines Day, I wanted to go with the whole romantic roses and candles and created my centerpiece off that. My husband and I are wanting to save money so we decided to stay in for a romantic night. I thought this would fit the mood I was going for but also fit the Holiday for just a daily decoration, as well. 

Some of the items I had and the rest I went to my local dollar and craft store.

What you need:
-Tray or mat
-Vase for flowers
-Vases for candles
-Rose petals (I used fake to last longer, but real work too)
-Roses or other flowers (I used fake for these too)

What to do:
1. Add flowers to the vase
2. Add petals to the vases with candles
3. Assemble vases on tray.
4. Scatter rose petals all over tray
5. Enjoy your beautiful centerpiece

Do you have a special centerpiece you like to make for Valentines Day?

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