Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Egg Centerpiece

I can't believe how early Easter is this year. I had to figure out some quick decorations to put up with St. Patrick's Day having just ended and Easter already here. I always like to have some centerpiece and decided to go all out with flowers, eggs and bunnies.

What you need:
-Spring flowers
- Circular, cylinder shaped vase
-Bunnies (Found mine at the dollar store)
-Plastic eggs
-Plastic fake grass
- Styrofoam eggs on a stick (Found at dollar store)

What to do:
1. Add a small layer of the plastic grass to the bottom of the vase and then add eggs. (The grass will help the flowers from moving around.
2. Next arrange flowers in vase and eggs
3. Place vase on center of the tray. 
4. Add grass around the vase, covering the bottom of the tray.
5. Add styrofoam eggs, hiding stick part under the grass.
6. Finally, add the bunnies.
7. Admire!


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