Friday, February 3, 2017

Valentine's Decorations!

Looking for some fun loving Valentine's Day decorations?! Valentine's Day has never been my favorite Holiday and as my husband likes to call it a government made Holiday but I still like to decorate for the season. I also like to make it a little romantic with it being Valentines Day <3

With a few chalkboard hearts, lights, rose petals, light up star and cut out letters, you can decorate a shelf with some Valentine pizazz!

 I love to decorate a bar area and add in a few decorations so why not add some roses and another chalkboard heart. It fits perfect with our wedding book, I just might have to keep it year round!

 I made these letters last year and the instructions can be found here. I decided to add in some rose petals and chalkboard hearts to add to the theme. The metal rose - my talented husband welded himself!

 A nice centerpiece for my bookcase with cut out letters, rose petals and a sweet smelling candle.

Sometimes keeping the door hanger simple is better than having a huge wreath for every holiday. Instructions on how to make can be found here.

What does your house look like for Valentine's Day?


  1. Cute. I have a heart hanging on mine. Need to start working on St. Patty Day and Easter now.....always doing something.

    1. Definitely fun to create little crafts for each Holiday. I am working on some new decorations as well but here are some I put together last year for:
      St Pattie's Day -
      Easter -

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