Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Adventures in London Part 1

Have you ever been to London? I had the chance to go a little over two years and never did post. Better late than never I guess. While we were there, we did everything a tourist could do. We explored the museums, saw Big Ben, toured the Tower of London, ate everything, and sightseeing.

London Day #1

We had a flight out of San Francisco with a short layover before making the long trek across the Atlantic. We didn't get in till late. We met up with my mom and sister for dinner at a pub. We soon found out pubs are a huge thing in London. 

 We stayed at a family friends in their gorgeous condo. In the picture below (sorry it is a little blurry - we were tired), you can see the London Eye and surrounding area. 

London Day #2

The next day we woke up and did some sightseeing. We headed to the Tower of London and took a tour. We searched every room and every corner. I think the torture room was my favorite. I can't believe they were allowed to do half of those torture techniques back then.

Next, we took a bunch of pictures on the Tower Bridge.

We ate lunch at another pub and I had a delicious Shepherd's Pie. I made it a goal to try all the popular English dishes and this was the first of many. 

That night we went to see Big Ben, my all time favorite thing about London. I have always had a fascination with Big Ben and seeing it in person was a dream come true. 

London Day #3

Today was a major sightseeing day. Being a theatre geek, one of my must sees was the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. We took a tour and I loved every minute of it. They were working on the stage so we weren't able to go on it but I still stood in front and imagined what it would be like to perform there. We wanted to go see a show but everything was sold out at the times we could go.

After we went to Westminster Abbey, Parliament, saw Big Ben again and of course, had to take tourist pictures in the red telephone booth.

That night we went aboard the London Eye. It was beautiful to see the city lit up at night.

London Day #4

This was a day of museums. First stop was the British Museum. We loved the Aztec exhibit best!

Second stop was lunch at Honest Burger. They had some of the best burgers and even had great specials. We will definitely go back there if we get the chance to go back to London.

Last stop was the Natural History Museum. It is always interesting to see the difference in the natural histories of different countries. It seems like every natural history museum has dinosaurs. 

Have you been to any of these places? 

Check out Part 2 coming on Thursday!

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